Annonce la distribution d’une nouvelle ligne – Peavey Audio Application Commerciale

Techni + Contact Canada Ltd. is proud to announce it has been appointed exclusive Canadian distributor ranges Peavey products for commercial audio application from 1 June 2013. These ranges include Architectural Acoustics, Crest Audio and MediaMatrix.

The product range Architectural Acoustics ® offers an optimized power, audio routing, speaker and management, the ability to combine rooms and solutions with processors to meet high requirement of the installation industry Sound for commercial applications including supermarkets, theme parks, major transportation facilities and more crowd. Tools for powerful and reliable sound tour Crest Audio ® are legendary renamed. Crest Audio ® is a global leader in the design and manufacture of power amplifiers sound for concerts, business applications and networks. Crest Audio ® also offers a full range of mixing consoles for live sound applications and fixed. Peavey ® introduced in 1993 as the first system configured and controlled digitally audio world, MediaMatrix ® is now the audio distribution system and most scalable, flexible and specific digital processing, with over 10,000 installations around the world.


Together with expertise in sales Techni + Contact Canada Ltd., its extensive distribution network and commitment to provide full support and quality services to our customers across Canada, we are very confident in the growth of activity of both companies. With this appointment, we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Peavey, whereby both companies will continue to offer respondents equipment to the highest standards and expertise in the market for professional and commercial audio. The agreement also strengthens the capacity of Techni + Contact Lté Canada to offer a complete solution to meet the needs of its customers.